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Julia Barling

Senior Lawyer

03 55 602000

Julia Barling is a Senior Lawyer heading up the Family Law Department at Maddens Lawyers.

After graduating from Bond University with honours, Julia has been practising law for 18 years. Over that time she has developed extensive experience in family law, among other areas.

She has assisted families with a whole range of family law issues, including property settlements, children’s arrangements, family violence intervention orders and child protection applications.

Her approach is very forward focussed with a view to helping you resolve your family law issue and move on with the next stage of your life. She takes the time to understand your situation and what is most important to you in your family law case. She recognises that family law issues are stressful and that most people want to resolve their case as soon as possible and works cooperatively with clients to achieve this.

Julia is also committed to helping people resolve their family law issues without the stress and extra expense of going to Court. If that can’t happen, she is able to compassionately guide you through the family court process as smoothly as possible.

A country girl, Julia grew up in the Wimmera and has practised in Hamilton, Horsham and is now very excited to be servicing the Warrnambool and surrounding community.