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Are you looking for a friendly and professional team of Will contest lawyers? If so, Springvale residents can turn to Maddens Lawyers, one of Victoria’s most experienced law firms in will disputes. Whether you’re an individual, family or business, our knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals will be able to provide you with expert legal services for all types of will challenges.

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Whether you are seeking legal services as an individual or a business, you can rest assured that you will receive clear and comprehensive specialist legal advice and service.

Maddens Lawyers are the class action experts.

To date, Maddens Lawyers has successfully recovered in excess of $150 million in compensation on behalf of class action group members.

For specialist Personal Injury guidance, talk to John Cramp and our professional team

Whether you are seeking legal services as an individual or a business, you can rest assured that you will receive clear and comprehensive specialist legal advice and service.

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Whether you are seeking legal services as an individual or a business, you can rest assured that you will receive clear and comprehensive specialist legal advice and service.


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Operating for 75+ years


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For specialist guidance, talk to John Cramp and our professional team.

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'My experience with Maddens was a positive one. If I wanted to ask them a question I just did. I felt comfortable asking them. No question was too silly. They gave really good feedback. Anytime there was an update they would ring and let me know. The team also saved me a trip to Melbourne by setting up a Zoom conference at their office.'

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Carmel suffered injuries to her shoulder and neck at work

'I had a really good experience, the team explained everything clearly and kept us up to date along the way. I was never left thinking what’s going on with the claim. It was very unknown territory for me. The service was excellent.'

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Client who suffered a leg and knee injury in a public place

'I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my claim. I had complete faith in the team. They were very upfront with me about everything. They knew how to approach things and explained what they were doing every step of the way. The team were so easy to talk to and would call to check in with me and provide updates.'

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Donna suffered a back injury at work

'The Maddens team was great to work with. They tell you things straight up and doesn’t beat around the bush. The team made the process really easy for me and made sure I had access to everything I needed to take part in Zoom calls. I would definitely recommend the team at Maddens.'

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Dylan’s forearm was crushed in a wool press at work

‘I knew where I stood from the start. They explained everything clearly and made the process easy for me to understand. It feels like you’re talking to someone who gets you and understands you. I would 100% recommend the team.’

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James was injured in a car accident

‘The team are straight to the point, so you know where you stand. They explain everything in laymen’s terms, were very sensitive to your situation, and takes that into account when speaking to you. They provide options, and advise you on how to make decisions weighing up the pro and cons. After all my dealings with the Maddens team, and what they have done for me, I would recommend them to anyone who’s suffered an injury.’

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Sherryn suffered an injury at work
Frequently asked questions
Why are legal documents sometimes so hard to read and understand?

Many legal documents can be complex. Maddens Lawyers have a policy of using "plain English" and minimising legal jargon. Whenever possible we attempt to use language and expressions that will be understood by the client. If you do not understand any document or words, Maddens Lawyers will be pleased to clarify the matter. Contact us if you have any questions about legal processes, documents or requirements.

Do you keep and store my legal files at the completion of my case?

Unless specifically requested, we are not obliged to store files after the completion of a matter. Our terms of engagement enable us to destroy files after seven (7) years from completion.

How do you accept or reject a client?

The first decision a Lawyer must make is whether they are able to accept a client's matter. A practising Lawyer is not obliged to act for a client in a particular matter - unless you he or she wants to. Some of the considerations that are taken into account before accepting a matter include whether there are any potential conflicts of interest, whether the client's instructions involve potential fraud, illegality or other impropriety, and whether the Lawyer is experienced to handle the particular matter. All potential clients should be reassured that any matters raised are held in the strictest confidence. Contact us to discuss your individual case and how we can help.

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    Not in the Will? Make the call

    If you have been left out of a deceased’s Will contact Brendan Pendergast and our experienced team to determine your entitlement to challenge that Will.

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    Join one of Australia’s biggest class actions

    Purchasing, selling or developing a property?

    For many, this could be a very exciting time. For some, maybe less so. Whatever the reasons, this area is complex and Maddens Lawyers can help.

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    The honest and reliable will contest lawyers assisting Springvale Locals

    For over 70 years, our team here at Maddens Lawyers have been providing clear and comprehensive legal advice and assistance for all types of cases. We understand that disputing a will can be a tense and emotional process, which can significantly impact you and your family. By working closely with our Will contest lawyers, Springvale residents can rest assured our experts will help make the process as stress free as possible, assessing your grounds for a claim quickly before providing a realistic outlook on your case.


    The experienced will contest lawyers Springvale locals can turn to

    At Maddens Lawyers, our firm is filled with people with passion and understanding. By providing you with practical and innovative legal solutions from the very beginning, we guarantee our team of Will contest lawyers will be able to exceed all your expectations.


    Contact our will contest lawyers, the professionals Springvale residents can trust

    Dealing with the death of a loved one can be difficult, and it can be made more complicated if you discover that their will has not been adequately distributed. If you believe you’re entitled to more than what has been presented to you, our team here at Maddens Lawyers are the experts you can turn to.

    To assess the strength of your claim or to speak to one of our Will contest lawyers, Springvale locals can give us a call on 1800 815 228 to find out more.

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