Maddens Lawyers are Australia’s bushfire compensation experts. Our work in representing persons impacted by bushfire events commenced with the Ash Wednesday fires in 1983. Maddens Lawyers issued more than 400 individual claims arising out of these fires and secured in excess of $40million in compensation for victims.

Today, Maddens’ Class Action Department continues working on behalf of groups of people impacted by fires and other large scale incidents across Australia. The firm has been the driving force behind in excess of one dozen bushfire class actions. Notable class actions include four proceedings arising out of Victoria’s 2009 Black Saturday fires and the 2013 Blue Mountains fire in Springwood which impacted more than 1,000 property owners. More recently Maddens achieved two of the top ten largest class action settlements in Australia in 2020 arising from the Scotsburn bushfire in Victoria and the NSW Walla Walla bushfire.

Maddens Lawyers is uniquely placed to assist and advocate on behalf of people impacted by a bushfire. Located in provincial Victoria but with an Australia-wide reach, our experienced Class Action team recognises the devastating and wide-ranging impact a bushfire can have on both people and their agricultural businesses.

Obtaining compensation following a bushfire event is complex and expert legal work. To date, Maddens Lawyers has successfully recovered in excess of $150million in compensation on behalf of bushfire victims.

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2019 Cudlee Creek Fire


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A forest fire near the town of Pemberton in Western Australia.

2018 Terang/Cobden Fire

Scotsburn bushfire, 19 December 2015, Finns Road, Scotsburn, class action, Maddens Lawyers

2018 Garvoc Fire

Lorne Falls Festival 2016, stampede, injured, Maddens Lawyers

Falls Festival stampede


2017 Coolaroo Recycling Plant Fire

Scotsburn bushfire, 19 December 2015, Finns Road, Scotsburn, class action, Maddens Lawyers

Scotsburn Bushfire

2013 Snake Valley Bushfire, Brendan Pendergast, Class Action, Compensation

2013 Snake Valley Bushfire

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Walla Walla Bushfire

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2013 Lithgow Bushfire

Maddens Lawyers, Class Action, Bushfire Compensation, 2014 Mickleham-Kilmore Bushfire

2014 Mickleham-Kilmore Bushfire