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2019 Palmers Oaky fire

In December 2021, Maddens Lawyers launched a class action in the New South Wales Supreme Court on behalf of those impacted by the 4 December 2019 fire. The defendants to the claim are the property owners, Joseph, Moussa and Charbel Tannous & Kwik Flo Pty Ltd.

It is alleged that the fire ignited as a result of sparks from a welder landing in dry grasses. The welder was being used by a contractor on private property to undertake some fencing works on a day of very high bushfire risk. The fire burned in excess of 17,400 hectares causing significant damage to residential and farming properties across Palmers Oaky.

You are a group member in the class action if you: -

suffered personal injury; and/or

An in principle settlement was reached between the parties shortly ahead of the trial which was listed to commence on 9 October 2023. In order to be eligible for a share of the settlement monies you will need to register with Maddens Lawyers and provide details of your loss and damage by no later than 22 November 2023.

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