2013 Snake Valley Bushfire

2013 Snake Valley Bushfire, Brendan Pendergast, Class Action, Compensation

On 8 January 2013, a fire broke out at a property on Chepstowe/Pitton Road, Chepstowe, west of Snake Valley in Victoria’s Western District. Investigations by Maddens Lawyers determined the fire was caused by a faulty tractor, which was being used in the area to harvest wheat. Maddens Lawyers are now conducting a Class Action on…

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2013 Lithgow Bushfire

Bushfire class action, Maddens Lawyers, Jack River

On October 16 2013, a fire at the Marrangaroo Training Centre, near Lithgow in New South Wales, burnt 56,000 hectares of land in the Lithgow area. The fire, which burnt for almost a month, also destroyed three houses and a number of other structures. In June 2014, the Department of Defence issued a report of…

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2014 Mickleham-Kilmore Bushfire

Maddens Lawyers, Class Action, Bushfire Compensation, 2014 Mickleham-Kilmore Bushfire

On February 9 2014, almost 23,000 hectares of land between Mickleham and Kilmore was burnt after a large tree fell on powerlines alongside Mickleham Road. This blaze also destroyed 20 houses, hundreds of cattle, thousands of sheep and more than 2000km of fencing from Mickleham to Kilmore. Keep updated September 2017 On Monday 28 August…

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