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Will Disputes

Will and Estate Lawyer in Victoria

Left out of a will?

Do you feel you've been unfairly provided for? 

Maddens Lawyers' Will Disputes team can help

Dealing with the death of a person can be difficult and trying. This difficulty can be made more complicated if you discover you have not been adequately provided for in the deceased's Will.

If you believe you're entitled to more than you've been provided in a Will, Maddens Lawyers can help.

Maddens Lawyers is one of Victoria's most experienced law firms when it comes to Will Disputes.

We pride ourselves on making this often complicated process as straightforward as possible.

Discreet, Reassuring, Reliable, Honest, Effective

Maddens Lawyers knows what is involved in this process both from a legal perspective, and a personal, emotional one.



Maddens Lawyers is one of Victoria's most experienced legal teams when it comes to disputing Wills and Estates.

Led by Senior Partner Brendan Pendergast, our Will Disputes division has successfully represented hundreds of people who, like you, feel they deserved more than what they were provided.


We understand this is about much more than 'getting something'. Disputing a Will is usually a frought and emotional process.

We understand what you are going through, and how it can impact on you and your family.


Maddens Lawyers has successfully helped hundreds of clients achieve what is entitled to them.

Our extensive experience means that we can quickly and accurately assess your grounds for a claim, and provide a realistic and pragmatic outlook.

Brendan Pendergast

Brendan Pendergast

Senior Partner

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Genevieve Faulkner

Genevieve Faulkner

Legal Executive

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Laura Morgan

Laura Morgan

Legal Secretary

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