Have you heard of the Personal Property Securities Register? 

Don't worry if you haven't - we have. And we're here to help.

If you are in the business of:

  • Wholesaling or selling on terms
  • Hiring, renting or leasing out goods
  • Building or construction
  • Agriculture or farming
  • Buying or selling valuable second-hand goods
  • In the automotive industry
  • Selling art or other goods on consignment

There's a good chance you will need to know more about the Personal Property Securities Register.

This register is like a single, national online noticeboard that indicates if someone is claiming an interest against goods or assets that you own or might be trying to sell or lease.

It's also a means to register your interest in goods you are supplying - so if you have a customer who doesn't pay, or goes broke, you are in the best position to get your goods, or their value, back.

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