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Asbestos Illness claims

If you're unwell due to exposure to asbestos, even if was 40 years ago that you came in contact with it, you may have grounds for compensation. It is a complicated process, but Maddens Lawyers is experienced in navigating this process to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Maddens Lawyers has the capacity and expertise to investigate and identify where it is likely your exposure occurred. You don't need to know details like this in order to make a successful claim.

Act quickly

If you suspect you may have an asbestos-related illness - or you have already been diagnosed with one - it is important you act promptly. Sadly, asbestos-related illnesses, particularly cancers, can be aggressive, and distressing. It is best for all concerned - you, your family, and your loved ones - if you seek professional advice as soon as possible.

If your illness prevents you from visiting our offices to discuss your illness, we can make arrangements to come to you or meet via video teleconferencing. Likewise, the legal professionals that deal with asbestos claims are also sensitive to the possibility sufferers can deteriorate quickly. Where necessary, claims can be processed quickly if warranted. Typically, claims made by those suffering from a terminal or malignant asbestos-related disease can be resolved in under six months. Those suffering from a non-malignant illness, such as asbestosis and pleural disease, usually have their claim concluded within 18 months.