Our focus is always on the people, and in no area of law is this more important than family law. We recognise that family disputes can be emotionally charged situations. We can help guide you through this difficult time to give you the best possible outcomes whilst trying to limit the stresses surrounding this area of the law.

We look at family problems from a different perspective and provide services to help give you a sensible and dignified solution. Our vast experience working with family issues ensures you’re in good hands.

We support and advise during difficult times, helping lead clients to an outcome that will allow them to rebuild their family situation and to look positively towards the future.

Maddens can help you with:

  • Dividing property
  • Laws governing children
  • Divorce
  • Financial agreements (pre-nuptial agreements)
  • De facto relationships

Get in touch with the Family Law team at Maddens Lawyers to discuss your situation with calm, caring and professional Family Law advisors.