On 20 November 2019 a fire broke out on Stansbury Road in Yorketown, South Australia. The fire burnt through up to 5000 hectares with several houses being either damaged or destroyed.

Maddens Lawyers issued a class action proceeding in the Supreme Court of South Australia against SA Power Networks. It is alleged that the fire started as a result of a failure of high voltage electrical assets operated by SA Power Networks.

If you wish to register as a group member of the class action and make a claim for loss or damage you suffered as a result of the Yorketown fire, you should contact Maddens Lawyers.

If you wish to 'opt in,' then you must complete the Form A 'Notice of Opting In.' Download the form under the Resources section of this webpage titled Important Notice. Send your completed Form A notice to Maddens Lawyers before the Opt In date of 20 November 2020.