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2018 Gazette Fire (VIC)

In June 2018, Maddens Lawyers issued a class action against electrical distribution company Powercor Australia Ltd in respect of a fire that occurred over the 2018 St Patrick’s Day weekend which significantly impacted property owners and residents in the area of Gazette in South West Victoria

The Gazette fire ignited after a tree from a blue gum plantation failed and fell onto powerlines. It is alleged that the failure of the tree caused one of the conductors to fall to the ground and ignite dry grasses below. The fire burnt approximately 3,500 hectares before it was contained.

The fire destroyed two residences and devastated in excess of 20 farms, causing significant stock, fencing and pasture loss.

Maddens Lawyers has commenced proceedings for three other class actions on behalf of persons impacted by the 2018 St Patrick’s Day fires in Garvoc, Terang/Cobden and Camperdown/Gnotuk. The total losses for the Gazette, Garvoc, Terang/Cobden, Camperdown/Gnotuk fires are estimated to be well in excess of 50 million dollars.

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