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Legal Costs


If this is your first experience dealing with a lawyer, then you may be unfamiliar with just how much professional legal advice costs.

At Maddens Lawyers we believe in being up-front about all aspects of our clients’ matters, particularly our legal fees.

Legal fees will be calculated by various means according to the nature of the service provided. In many instances services will be provided on an hourly rate. In many litigious court based actions, fees prescribed by legislation will be charged.

We have a particular emphasis on making full disclosure of our fees including an initial estimate of the likely costs. We will provide you with a written agreement as to these fees. If for any unforeseen reason the fees are likely to exceed our initial estimate, we will provide you with a further ongoing estimate of fees.

In addition to our professional fees, you will be responsible for payment of other relevant expenses which we incur on your behalf. You may be required to pay these expenses in advance.

You have the right to negotiate an agreement about the payment of legal costs (which must be in writing or evidenced in writing) and to receive Tax Invoices detailing those costs.

If the Tax Invoice you receive is not in itemised form, you have the right to request an itemised invoice within 30 days of receiving the lump sum Tax Invoice. An itemised invoice specifies in detail how our legal costs are made up.

If you do not agree with the Tax Invoice, there are means by which you can have your invoice re-assessed. Unless the legal practitioner otherwise agrees, such application must be made within 2 months from the date the Tax Invoice is given.

You may also be able to initiate a dispute in relation to legal costs which do not exceed $15,000.00. Usually such a dispute must be initiated within 6 months of issue of the Tax Invoice. To initiate a dispute you should contact Victorian Lawyers RPA Ltd.