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2014 Mickleham-Kilmore Bushfire


On Monday 28 August 2017 the Supreme Court made orders approving the settlement of the Mickleham bushfire class action.

A copy of the Notice of Settlement, which contains further information regarding the settlement, can be accessed here.

Please feel free to contact Maddens Lawyers with any queries in respect of the settlement on 1800 815 228.


On Friday 31 March 2017 the Supreme Court made Orders for the publication a Notice Of Proposed Settlement outlining the terms of settlement of the Mickleham – Kilmore Bushfire Class Action.

The approval hearing in respect of the Proposed Settlement has been referred to the Honourable Justice Emerton and will be heard in the Supreme Court at Melbourne on 4 July 2017.

Group members with any  queries in relation to the Notice of Proposed Settlement should contact Maddens Lawyers on 1800 815 228 or seek independent legal advice.


Following extensive deliberations, the parties in this Class Action have reached an "in principle agreement" to settle the proceedings.

That development was announced in the Supreme Court of Victoria on 8 February 2017 before His Honour Justice Terry Forrest.

As a result, the trial, which was scheduled to begin on Monday 13 February 2017, has been vacated.

Further information will be provided to all group members as the Terms of Settlement are negotiated and finalised.

UPDATE - 14 APRIL 2015

Anyone who suffered loss or damage as a result of the Mickleham-Kilmore bushfire on 9 February 2014 should take notice a Class Action has commenced in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

This has been commenced on behalf of all persons who, as a result of the Mickleham-Kilmore bushfire, suffered:

  • personal injury (physical or psychiatric)
  • loss of damage to property
  • economic loss not resulting from loss of damage to property

Anyone who fits that description, including any legal personal representatives of the estates of any deceased person who would have otherwise qualified, are defined as 'Group Members' in the Class Action.

If you are, or think you might be a Group Member, you should download and read this notice, as it may affect your rights.

If you lost property in this fire, register your interest in the Class Action.