Dividing property

When people separate, they usually need to work out how to split what they own, and what they owe. Many couples are able to achieve a split without needing to attend Court.

Seeking a lawyer’s help in these negotiations does not mean you have to go to Court. Maddens Lawyers can help at any stage of the negotiations such as:

  • Formalising the agreement you’ve already reached together
  • Knowing where to start with the process

Time limits apply to the division of property, so it is important to speak to a lawyer at some stage to ensure your negotiations are timely and that they follow the correct process.

Who gets what?

This is determined via a staged process, taking in to account several things such as:

  • What is owned
  • What is owed
  • The future needs of those involved

It is a complex process that we can work through with you, in order to make it easier to navigate. It will also ensure you obtain what is best for you, your family and your future needs.

Maddens Lawyers’ always aims to help their clients reach solutions that are the most practical for all involved.