Child Support

Image: Photo of work (right) by artist Jess Meggs

Child support is usually resolved separately from your living arrangements for the children. The time your children spend with each parent will influence the child support outcome. Child support payment arrangements are overseen by the Child Support Agency (CSA), a Federal Government organisation that provides support and assistance to both parents in calculating, collecting and transferring child support.

How is child support calculated?

Different formulas are applied depending on how often your children are in your care, or your former partner’s care (i.e. how many days or nights a year) and income levels. It is rarely a simple process. The complexity of these issues means it is beneficial to have an experienced Family Law professional help you navigate through them.

The child support formula recognises that by caring for your child you are directly meeting some or all of the costs through care. In particular, the formula puts a financial value on the care you provide to your child, which in turn influences the amount of child support payable.

There are a number of complex problems associated with this part of family law such as:

  • Laws relating to appeals against a child support assessment
  • What you can do to find a non-paying parent
  • If and how you can enforce a non-paying parent to make their payments