2018 Camperdown/Gnotuk Fire

In May 2018, Maddens Lawyers issued a class action in the Victorian Supreme Court against electrical distribution company Powercor Australia Ltd on behalf of Gnotuk / Camperdown residents and landowners impacted by a fire that occurred over the 2018 St Patrick’s Day weekend.

The Camperdown fire started approximately 20 minutes after Powercor and Police were notified that a tree limb had snapped an electrical supply line near Cross Forest Road, Naroghid. It is alleged that wires near the incident site remained live and arced, which resulted in molten metal and sparks being ejected into dry grasses below.

The fire caused damage to approximately 12 properties. One residence was completely destroyed and the Camperdown Golf Course was also damaged. Other damages include livestock, fencing and pasture.

An in principle settlement has been reached between the parties. A Notice of Proposed Settlement has been distributed to group members and a final approval hearing in the Supreme Court of Victoria has been listed for 29 July 2019.