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Motor vehicle injuries


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If you've been injured on a Victorian road, or in a car registered in Victoria, you may be entitled to compensation.

This includes:

  • being injured on  train or tram
  • being injured when a cyclist and car collide
  • if you are injured while travelling interstate

The Transport Accident Act covers a range of people and situations, providing compensation via the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

Making a claim for compensation via the TAC can be a complicated process.

Strict time limits apply. 

It is always best to discuss this, and whether you are likely to gain compensation, with an experienced legal specialist.

This will ensure you gain maximum benefit.

Maddens Lawyers' Gary Foster is a Personal Injury Accredited Specialist. Contact Gary today to discuss your options for TAC compensation.

Gary Foster, accredited specialist, car accident, TAC claim, motor vehicle

Making a claim for compensation via the TAC can be a complicated process. Strict time limits apply. An experienced legal specialist can help ensure you gain maximum benefit.  


Gary Foster

Gary Foster


Gary Foster is a Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialist. PH: 03 5560 2000