Maddens Lawyers announces investigation into class action against Ford and Mazda

Maddens Lawyers is offering to assist purchasers of Ford Ranger vehicles built after July 2016, and Mazda BT-50 vehicles built since June 2016 following safety recalls from both manufacturers.

These vehicles are seriously compromised by a design fault where the DPF (diesel particulate filter), which forms part of the emission control system, develops extremely high temperatures and creates a real risk of ignition of fires when driven over dry grass or other dry fuel. There have been numerous reported incidents of fires.

It is understood that the recall will commence in or about March 2018, and that the manufacturers are at present developing parts to rectify this very serious problem.

Maddens Lawyers Class Action Principal, Mr Brendan Pendergast, said that there is no certainty as to whether the recall will satisfactorily resolve the immediate risk.

“There are a number of issues of concern to purchasers of these vehicles. Not only it is yet to be determined if the newly developed parts will work safely, but also the impact on resale market value of affected cars, and the current driving limitations of these vehicles,” Mr Pendergast said.

There have been 59,000 sales of the Ford range and 17,000 of the Mazda to date. Given such a large number of people, Maddens Lawyers believe a class action is the appropriate channel for obtaining proper compensation for affected purchasers.

To stay informed of developments regarding the investigation and compensation opportunities, owners of affected vehicles can register their details now at

Registering is not a commitment to take legal action.

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