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Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 safety recall

Maddens Lawyers are inviting the 59,000 purchasers of the Ford Ranger PX11 range of vehicles built after July 2016 and the 17,000 purchasers of the Mazda BT-50 vehicles built since June 2016 to register online. Those vehicles are seriously compromised by a design fault which has been widely publicised by the two vehicle manufacturing companies.

Both Ford and Mazda have announced recalls of the vehicles. The vehicles are compromised by the emissions systems which develop extremely high temperatures and create a real risk of ignition of fires when vehicles are driven over dry grass or other dry fuel. There have been numerous reported incidents of fires.

It is understood that the recall will commence in or about March of 2018 and that the manufacturers are presently developing parts to rectify this very serious problem.

The recall may or may not satisfactorily resolve the immediate risk of fire. There is a broader issue of concern to purchasers of these vehicles. There will be an impact on the resale market value of affected cars. In the meantime, owners have been limited to the use they can make of these vehicles and the ongoing inconvenience and impact has yet to be determined. In these circumstances Maddens Lawyers believe that a class action is the appropriate vehicle for obtaining proper compensation for effected purchasers.

Owners of vehicles affected are urged to register now. By registering you are not obliged to take any substantive steps at this stage. By registering we will keep you informed.