While they are officially referred to as 'Financial Agreements', these are sometimes referred to as 'Pre Nuptial Agreements'

The purpose of this document is to specify how property and financial resources will be arranged should you separate.

The term 'pre nuptial agreement' is an informal term for what is more accurately described as a Financial Agreement.

This can be made or entered into before, during or after marriage or a de facto relationship.

Drafting a Financial Agreement or Pre Nuptial Agreement

Maddens Lawyers can draft a Financial Agreement that will specify matters such as:

  • The assets and financial resources each partner owns and brings to the marriage or relationship
  • How financial settlement (including superannuation entitlements) will be arranged if the marriage or relationship breaks down
  • Financial support (maintenance) of one spouse by the other after the marriage
  • How any children of the union will be supported post-separation
  • Any other incidental issues (each agreement is tailored to your individual circumstances).

It's always worth considering - but cannot be guaranteed

It is also important to remember that, in the event of a marriage or relationship break down, the agreement can still be challenged or overturned.


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